The absolute best time to go shopping!

Super Bowl Sunday is upon us, and that means that the best time to go shopping is upon us as well.

Costco is almost vacant during the Super Bowl, the place absolutely echoes, and the malls look like they aren't open. The streets are empty.

And the folks you come across while shopping are great! That is, the other customers are great, they're preselected to not be obnoxious sports fans, their IQ is considerably higher, and they tend to be pleasant non-aggressive types. And they tend to be tired of all the hoopla about the Super Bowl, it's just a d*mn football game after all, not like its really of any import to Life, The Universe, And Everything.

And I'm sure that there are gals who could really dig a straight guy who'd rather be shopping than watching the game. After all, which is more important?

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