Snow, again?!?!?

Come on, it's March 9th already!

Don't tell me about Global Warming, so far this winter is more of an advert for "Enter Ice Age Four" as it were, in a mild Pacific Northwest kinda way.

No accumulation at this elevation, but it was coming down fast and furious for a bit an hour ago.

Definitely not planting vegetables anytime soon, the ground is too cold and we keep having snow.

But in regard to veggies, thinking along the line of peas, beans, lettuce, spinach, squash, carrots, taters, tomaters, you know, the staples, stuff that can be put up for the winter if in excess of current needs.

Quick! Alert the media! John's talking about vegetable gardening in a favorable manner! Sure sign that the apocalypse is upon us!

Or maybe it's that I feel a need to justify the huge yard by doing something productive with it? As well as truck gardens make economic sense. Yeah, that's it, the Scot's parsimonious nature, something never before seen in me, finally breeding true?

Dunno. Whatever. Just hope it keeps going, and sparks my interest enough to set up proper soaker hose watering and such like so that economical watering of said garden occurs.

Well, off to find something of interest to do. Wish me luck!

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Maire said...

global warming means chaos in the weather patterns. Snow in paradise = chaos in the weather patterns.