Weeding vs Gardening

It's time I came clean; I'm not a gardener, I'm a weeder.

Gardeners look at a stretch of yard, and think about what they can do with it, and see weeds as part of the journey, an irritating part.

Weeders, au contrair, look at a stretch of yard, and look to see if there are any weeds, that they may while away the hours peacefully weeding, enjoying the challenge of each distinct type of weed.

Gardeners tend to work on one area at a time, doing the total makeover, striving to achieve their perfect vision.

Weeders are more inclined to focus on a particular variety of weed, casting about hither and yon to see if one more instance of this fractious weed may be found, ere they switch to another weed, and another method of weeding. Weeders have vision, and it comes into focus somewhere between one and two feet in front of their head, when kneeling on the ground. Weeders may move across an open stretch of yard, following a variety of weed like locusts across a Kansas wheat field.

Gardeners desire order in their yards, and in their lives.

Weeders see order for what it truly is, an artificial construct bearing no relationship to reality. They merely desire a pleasant afternoon in the sun, not too hot, not too cold, but just right.

Gardening is a journey with a destination.

Weeding is a journey without destination.

Gardeners are plant snobs, cultivating specific varietals in specific places.

Weeders are egalitarian, asking only 'Is this a weed?' and if not, leave it be, it looks nice where it is.

Gardeners and weeders both wonder if given plants will play nicely with their neighbors. Gardeners will resort to careful plant management to bring out the best of various not-nice playing plants, while to weeders, well, not playing nicely with others is the very definition of a weed, isn't it now?

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