Home purchase

Today I get possession on my new home in Tacoma. Won't be moving immediately, there is stuff I want done first, like replacing knob and tube wiring, earthquake retrofit, plumbing inspection/repair, flashing on the roof, some other stuff. But possession is today.

And such a deal, too! $411.00/month payments, including property tax and insurance. $40,000.00 30-year mortgage, finish paying it off in 2041. Fixed rate at 4.65%, no penalty for paying it off early.

It's a three bedroom, with a large living room and a breakfast nook in the kitchen which I get to rebuild; the breakfast nook originally had built-in table and bench seats, I'm going to restore it to that style.

1925 Craftsman, other than the breakfast nook it doesn't seem to have been changed much if any. Oh, and the garage, the garage isn't original, it's a huge cinderblock construction, plenty big for a shop and storage, and a carport as well. Nice sized yard front and back. Nice neighborhood. Sushi shop at the end of the block.

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