Brocade Covered Tourney Chest

This chest was made by my father, James Mead [SCA: James Addison the Lame], lo these many years ago; approximately 30 years ago, I'd guess. It is not based upon any historical designs that I'm aware of, but strove to fit into the medievalesque ambiance of the general SCA encampment.

The top and bottom are 1/4" plywood panelboard, with smooth finished backsides. The four sides are 1/4" pegboard. Each of the four sides is covered with brocade fabric, curtain fabric if I remember correctly, from Goodwill.

After the fabric was attached, the front and back were framed with 1x1 finished wood. Same with the top and bottom. The handles are backed on the inside by steel plates, massively strengthening the pegboard. The two sides have wider 1x hardwood framing. The front and back fit between the two sides. The bottom fits over the four sides, as does the top. This chest has an internal division, and a removable tray in the left partition. The top is attached by two hinges, with a strip of leather to prevent the top from opening too far. Other than the hinges, everything was fastened together with glue and panel nails.

This chest is surprisingly sturdy, given the materials it is made from. Lightweight, too.

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