Clematis Observation Project Begun

Today, while taking a break from other activities, I wandered around checking for nasties growing in the yard, just for reference sake as I didn't have the Hori-Hori knife on me, and found three Clematis that hadn't been there Friday.

I marked their locations by stabbing Apple prunings in the ground near by, so as not to misplace them, and then went and got my

[wait for it]

[hope this is far enough to have been off-screen!]
camera to record current growth, as I plan on leaving them alone for a bit so I can chart their growth; how fast does Clematis grow being a relevant question, and this gives me three to observe in somewhat different settings.

Might even try to time-lapse the photos, presuming I stand close enough to the same positions.

Oh, and on pruning, welding gloves aren't particularly good when trying for any kind of delicate work.

On an entirely different topic, I'm investigating duplex sheet feed scanners, in addition to my previous interest in tablet input systems. The cost is way down since I worked at OHS, I suspect this is revolutionizing document preservation and management big-time, being able to purchase 50 sheet feed duplex scanners rated for 1000 copies per day for under $500.00, including top-notch software.


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