Gloves ordered

Yep, wandered over to Garrett Wade, they have some gloves that look pretty good for this kind of activity; actually, two types of gloves, not sure which is better for using with saws and which for blackberries, so I ordered one pair each; cost is not a concern when dealing with a clumsy oaf and his hands, ya dig? [Garrett Wade glove selection has changed, still looks good. 2017 09 15]

Hopefully this'll be the last you hear of my cutting myself with sharp tools or prickly plants.

Speaking of which, one should always wear pants, not shorts, when removing blackberries, as documented by this photo from back in August...

Like I've mentioned before, I'm an idiot. And yes, I'm wearing sandals as well as shorts while fighting blackberries.

idiot idiot idiot, three times I name myself Idiot!

Next post will probably have some comparison photos, pre-Apple Pruning and post, and ditto in some ways in re blackberries, just to make clear just what got accomplished. It blows my mind, but then I'm clearly A Bear Of Little Brain.

Post dis Puppy

Edit 2017 09 15: Changed Garrett Wade link to match current url, removed link to specific product no longer carried.

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