Talk about weeding!  Tacoma provides an absolutely ginormous yard debris container, and I'm already 3/4 full and still working on the front yard.  Like, lots of weeds.  But most are this type with really strong tap roots, so over 90% of the weeds I pull have all the roots removed, so there'll be very little repeat weeding, which is nice.  I kinda like this weed, given the roots pulling so cleanly.  I should take photos and post them, shouldn't I?  My weeder is a tool that Lee Valley sells as Grampa's Weeder; mine isn't Lee Valley's edition, mine is indeed Grampa's weeder, as in a family heirloom from when it was first sold; my sister, however, has Lee Valley's version, and having used both, I can safely say that the Lee Valley edition works just as well as the old Simplex edition that I have.  Garrett Wade also sells this weeder, as Grandpa's Weeder.  Both sources sell for the same base price, $27.50, although Garrett Wade has a sale on sets of two. So unless one has a preference of stores, I suppose shipping and handling would determine who to buy from.

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