The plants which I thought might be onions aren't. They appear to be some version of Allium, a garlic variant, with garlic style cloves and a slight garlic odor. They're going to bloom at this time, waxy onion-dome shaped flower pods peeling back to reveal a snowball of blossoms. Not much of a garlic taste at this time, I'll see what they're like after the blossoms wilt, when if garlic they'd be ready to harvest.

It's just crazy what all grows in this yard, domestic and invasive species growing in a forest edge style of semi-shade giving way to full meadow. And remove one obnoxious ground cover and another appears in it's place, seemingly out of thin air. The latest pestilential ground cover does a great job of smothering everything, even grass, which takes some doing! Long stems, with velcro-like stickery bits, about every eight inches or so a ring of leaves, slender things, and the seed pods are small BBs with stickery bits so they hold onto your clothing [and animal fur] so they can hitch rides and become widely scattered. The stickery bits on the stems make them act like they were sticky in a sap fashion when it's not a sap style stickyness, little brats sink hooks into your skin, can actually leave welts/rashes in their wake.

And the seedlings all over the place, let it go wild and in twenty years this would be a grove of mixed Oak/Walnut/Maple/Filbert, never mind the three apple trees. And the occasional holly.

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