Still more garden stuff

Same day as last post, went out and suddenly there were five butternut squash seedlings, and the two I'd previously seen were realized to both be zucchini. The butternut squash are all from the same planting area, so unless I attempt transplanting they'll be kinda cramped. The zucchini are from separate planting areas, crowding should not be a problem; the problem is that one got attacked by a snail last night, and one leaf and part of the other got eaten, just hope it pulls through. Our yard is crawling with snails, also some slugs but the slugs are not so pervasive.

I've gone through and pruned back all the new blackberry growth, except for anything which had blossoms; berries are good, brambles are bad. My plan is to go through and try to dig up the obvious blackberries after the berries have ripened, in the mean time keep them pruned back so it doesn't turn into the horrible bramble mass that it had been prior to my hacking them back last fall.

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