Garden planted. Post numbering

OK, so this is the actual post 100, I'd worked with Blogger's listing in the create post section, and I've got two posts which are saved as drafts and that threw the count off. If I ever finish them they'll show up with the initial date of creation from way back when instead of the actual posting date, which will make this post 102. Like anyone really cares.

Now, the garden. Planted peas, beans, butternut squash and zucchini two days ago, having soaked the seeds overnight, and soaked the ground as well. If they all germinate it'll be very overcrowded, but I'm banking on inexperience keeping germination to a reasonable level. Stuck bunches of apple pruning branches in the ground with the peas and beans, for them to clamber on, may need to add more sticks depending upon that germination thang.

Guess this'll do for now. Weather has been cloudy and chill the last two days, and the SAD thing seems to be kicking in again; really prefer it when it's hot and bright, sometimes I really miss Tucson's weather, or a Chicago summer, even with the added humidity.

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