2 views, identical yet unrecognizably so...

Note that each set of photos are taken from the same location, pretty much; the top photo from last Friday, the bottom photo from this Tuesday; pretty amazing for four days, especially since the time spent on that area was probably four hours, total.

The second set of photos are more striking, in some ways. The top photo, look at the center of it. Yep, that's the area previously cropped for the photo of Western White Clematis. Note the barely able to make out it's wood upright and cross member? Look at the bottom photo. Yes. Same upright and cross member; that section of Clematis was even with my chest. Spend some time looking back and forth between the photos, more and more you'll spot the things which are the same.

"Now where did all that stuff go," you ask? Glad you asked. Remember my mentioning building a structure to hold Clematis clippings in, to prevent them from rooting? Observe:

The top photo shows a filled-to-overflowing-and-beyond 3'x3'x8' structure, filled to 4'x6'x10', one foot off the ground; good think it has six feet, yes? OK, bad joke. But true, it does have six feet; observe the second photo, it's a close-up of the lower left support, there are five more of them around the outer perimeter.

That's 1¼" PVC, with 5-way tee interconnects. Not available for plumbing use, made for PVC Furniture, available from United States Plastics Corp, bought for another project which you'll eventually read about... US Plastics has a variety of items of use, a bunch aren't plastic, many at lovely prices, one caveat: when ordering you have the option of going with a shipping fee based on the cost of your order, or the actual weight; work this in your favour, light weight items go actual cost, heavy items go presumed cost; cardboard weights more than plastic, etc., the savings can be significant, the cost great is you guess wrong, but they do, in many cases, list the per item weight in their literature, so...

I did mention that we have enough yard debris for a dumpster? I'm starting to seriously consider having them drop one off for a week, so I can transfer all the yard debris and get it out of here, as there is a bunch more in piles elsewhere in the yard, stuff where I was able to pile up a framework of branches and then lay Clematis on top of them, so no rooting would occur.

While not a lot of text, six photos were included, so taking the word count + 6,000 makes this one of my longer posts to date. :grin: It's now 08:40 PST, time to do other stuff. [08:50 after editing due to layout and display differences, which if you have a large monitor made it worse, tough, if the photos do show side to side, top is left and bottom is right, OK? If you really can't deal with it, buy me a bigger monitor, I've yet to justify it to myself. 08:52]

Yep. It's time to

Post this Puppy!

[kinda like those WWE wrestlers, once you have a tag line you're stuck with it forever...]

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