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The Librarian: Quest for the Spear

Biker Mice From Mars
: This is new, just the third episode on as I type, but already 1) Star Wars 2) Donald Trump 3) Bertie Wooster & Jeeves 4) Bruce Banner, AKA The Increadible Hulk have become major sources for plot devices. This, campers, is fun with a capital F - U - N ! And I think, maybe, 5) Doc Savage, or reasonable facsimile just hove in. No, not Doc Savage, this one I don't recognize, which is spiffy since they'd already shown they were drawing on a wide variety of sources. Branson, Sir Richard Branson, airlines & gambling, I'll get back to this one, when I figure it out.

Ooo... its not new, a quick search just brought us a wikipedia article [but ya already knew that, after following the link], its just new to me. 1993, three seasons, spiff. Not reading any further, just closed that tab, want this to continue being a surprise to me.

The Librarian: Quest for the Spear: Um, OK, sorry about the sequence of colons, can't be helped. There, just italicized it, that looks better.

The Librarian: Quest for the Spear, a TNT original movie, Executive Producer Dean Devlin, who had the concept. Parodies, very well I might add, Romancing the Stone, Indiana Jones, and Stargate; well, the respective genres, although Stargate gets lots of nods, from the music to Daniel Jackson. No surprise, Dean Devlin is The Man Behind The Movie, the Stargate movie that is. Who better to create a Hero who is Daniel Jackson, only an over-the-top Daniel Jackson with babe-appeal, who is also a librarian's Librarian, an intellectual joat combined with the reasoning abilities of Sherlock Holmes Himself, who is hesitant until forced to act, then pulls all his abilities & knowledge together to act. As with Jackson in the movie, not a physical combatant, but with a breadth and depth of knowledge which puts Jackson to shame...

OK, I admit it. I'd love to be this guy. He's sweet, and has a dry sense of humour, and is an intellectual giant, and and and just a nice guy who needs some confidence in himself, which he has by the end of this, the first movie.

Yes, there's a sequel. Return to King Solomon's Mines, which I haven't watched yet, but suspect will do to, I mean for, H. Rider Haggard what Quest for the Spear did to Indiana Jones.

Didn't mention the cast, did I?

Noah Wyle as The Librarian; the man can do funny. We already knew he could act.
Olympia Dukakis as his Mum. Over-the-top New York Jewish Mother, wants her son to find himself, a job, and a girl. Need say more?
Bob Newhart & Jane Curtin as Top Staff to The Librarian, perfect timing as always, and Jane can do serious-lack-of-sense-of-humour humour. Bob, well, Bob kicks ass, as always.
Sonya Walger as psycho-bitch bodyguard/sidekick to Our Hero. Who figures out he probably read some sex manuals along the way, and he did. Off-screen. While not rated, if rated this film would be PG, and I'd argue a G rating, myself, except that there is some violence. But no way anything requiring PG-13.
Kyle MacLachlan as Da Baddy. Nicely over the top in an understated, urbane manner. Oozes smooth, or is that smoothly oozes?

And don't forget, there's the book, which is how I first became aware of this gem, several years ago.

Movie comes in standard and extended editions, if possible get the extended version for more examples of homage and mega-geek-derring-do, but quite nice in standard, and read the book.


On a different topic, I did my first IM yesterday, and ended up being in an IM handicap match, me dual-windowed with 'Zany in Window 1 and EvilD in Window 2; OK, nicknames from ages ago, hadn't had real contact in, oh, 2008-1994=14 years in October... which is when I moved from Chicago back to Portland. Found that when under pressure, my touch-typing skills come back like nobody's business, blew me away! Talk about uncensored stream-of-consciousness, no overediting allowed, no sirree bob, not no way no how. Was fun!

OK, should go do stuff, y'all know what that means, time to

Post this Puppy!

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