More Clematis destruction

Yep, done more yesterday. May not be good grammar, but to the point.

Started by, huh, don't quite remember what my first step was, just know my arms and legs still ache.

Do know this, I cleared the blackberries and Clematis which had snuck over/under/through the fence to the property to the south, cleared all that out [well, dunno about the pile it turned into, but I left that next to their clippers, it was clear they'd been overwhelmed, now it just needs to go into their yard debris container, I'll see if I can find that and do it for them.]

Then, back in our yard, that tree thingy at the Milwaukie end of the side of the building [pictures, there will be pictures!], the one that grows any direction it can, sending up new shoots from the ground, being a right nuisance, well, ¾ of it is gone. That saw I mentioned a couple of posts back? The collapsible one from Fiskars? Man, cuts through that tree like nobody's business!

Finally, all the berries, vines, etc., south from the Cedar upright denoting the south end of the planned blackberry presence, that all got pulled, rolled up together with long grass to make it easier to clutch against my chest [slightly ouch, instead of major yeouch!] and carried to that holding area described last post. Photos soon, sure doesn't look like it was only made a week ago this past Sunday, and first used the day I felt like I was gonna keel over and croak; knee pads, nifty tools for nifty gardens, your friend and mine.

At this point, we've enough yard debris ready to go to fill a mid-sized dumpster, which I'm starting to think I should look into, so that the yard can really be considered Liberated.

The Apple Trees, given the amount of fruit, are gonna have to wait longer to prune. However, the long foldy/bendy ladder we have can be pressed into service to harvest said fruit, instead of waiting for it to fall to the ground.

Well, gee, not I know today's project. Other than trying to get out and shop, and pick up rental forms.

Right, looks like we've a new tenant, chap who helped install the latest windows, seems solid.

08:45, time to do, instead of just wright.


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