Meet Mom

Here we have my Mom; when I was wandering around taking photos she just happened to spot me, and came out to give me my mail. So I took her picture, instead.

She'll be 83 this year. She retired early, disability. I just noticed for the first time yesterday, when doing some bookkeeping [the accounting kind], that she began her State retirement the first day of the month immediately following my graduating from High School. Guess I wore her out.

So... what to say about Mom? First child, BA Mills College, MSW Smith College, married once, widowed, two kids [me and my sister], enjoys knitting, word find puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, gardening, jointly received her Award of Arms in the Society for Creative Anachronism with her husband for hauling the Principality Officers' on-site deputies all over the Kingdom [of the West, ages ago, An Tir's first Crown Tourney, I think it was, Steingrim and Lenora were King & Queen of the West at the time...][and having a nice place for folks to hang out]. Raised two kids who turned out pretty good. Even if both of them ended up with Library Science degrees.

Is very well loved by her children, even if she exasperates us from time to time.

And on that note, I'll

Post this Puppy!

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