Definitions: Unmitigated Disaster-speak; Mitigated Disaster-speak; Ozmosis

Unmitigated Disaster-speak

Mitigated disaster-speak


1. Unmitigated Disaster-speak. adj. Pertaining to the results if another's views/policies are chosen over one's own views/policies. Most used by politicians, both revealed and concealed.

Politicians, as referenced above, refers to both those who acknowledge to all that their actions are dominance-driven, hence revealed, and those who seek dominance from the shadows, hence concealed. Rarely are the two types able to work together for more than short alliances, for the desire to dominate will inevitably lead to conflict, unless one be of far greater intellect than the other and be capable of cloaking the disdain they feel for all others, or at least in regard to this particular other. Concealed Politicians are often found amongst Senior Staff, and are most happy when they serve [hah!] Revealed Politicians of Impaired Intellect.

Dominance, dominate, dominant, domination, dominion. To be the center around which all revolves, as it rightly should be, for who has a better understanding of all things than he who would dominate; or such is the understanding of those who would dominate.

2. Mitigated Disaster-speak. adj. Pertaining to the results if one's own views/policies do not lead to the desired results; after all, it would have been far worse if another's views had carried the day. As is stated, combined with allegations that continued attempts by those other's to impose their [flawed, obviously] views resulted in the mitigated disaster. After all, if not opposed no disaster could have occurred. See Sabotage. See also Treason.

3. Ozmosis. adv. Pertaining to the perambulations of the autochthons of Tierra Australis, specifically during the Dreamtime.


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