Did it! Given that I've had this set up since APRIL, it's about time I made a post, yes?

Type something in, give cursory review, then post it!

And... I just changed the blog to be my homepage, which will also tend to make me do something with it. It'll be a lot more convenient.

Anyway. a week ago Friday [as in a week prior to this past Friday], I cleared out the blackberry bramble next to the building. Not the one in the backyard which covers at least a third of it, but the one on the south side of the building. 3 hours work. 15'x40', approx., as I visualize it, I'm not dashing out to measure it right now, although I'm tempted to. If I did, I'd keep on overthinking and never get this posted.

I can post pictures. Maybe I'll do that. Post a picture to show what I'm talking about. Later, not now. Maybe even define "the building" mentioned above, as in the 4-plex my parents bought back in 1976, when we moved from Salem. The one which has been homebase since then, even in ways while I lived/worked in Chicago [see Six Years Before The Mast, the (non-existent) history of my employment at The Chicago Public Library How do I finish a bleeping link in this thing!

There has to be a better way to end a link than editing the html coding. Maybe I should try typing beyond the link before making it a link. I'm too used to WordPerfect, where hitting [End] places the cursor after any formatting and restores you to the pristine default document style; why no one else seems to have this functionality is beyond me.

Post this puppy.


Like, ending fields, fonts, links, etc., is really easy; think Karate Kid, wipe on, wipe off, click on, click off.

I feel sooooo stupid. :grin:

Post this edited Puppy!

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