Blackberries, hates 'em, my precious, hates 'em we does

There is this problem I have. Either I can't be bothered by something, or I can't make myself stop working on it.

I have no control over this. Its manifested itself for all my life. Real sucky at times. Even when I know I have to take a break I keep on going. Or something I know has to be dealt with, I just can't get into. This is, in fact, the central core of my disability claim; everything else, other than level of functioning, can be dealt with.

What does this have to do with blackberries, you ask? Coming dang near to keeling over from physical stress while doing a top notch job of excavating blackberries, roots and all, continuing well after I knew I should stop. "But just this one more pull on the root, then I'll stop," I'd tell myself, then keep on going. Idiot. No, just something my brain can't control; the lovely defect, that combined with Obsessive/Compulsive Personality Disorder, makes me a menace to myself.

We're going to try Mom monitoring me and telling me to take a break, and see if outside stimulus works any better than my telling me I should stop.

I'll admit, the sinking my teeth in and not letting go made me a terrific troubleshooter, and a pretty spiff reference librarian.

Off to bed now, before 10:00PM yet!

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