Site spoofing, a nasty trick to discover

I just had the experience of searching for information on a subject, finding a good looking link, following it to good information, and finding that all the external links led to sites having nothing to do with the link labels.

It's a chap's personal website, someone prominent in several fields. And it is also something of a CV, so this is where people would find out about what he's done, honours won, Boards sat on, etc.

Searched his name, and found a site with a different URL, a more respectable URL, and found that it was the same except that the links go where they should.

I've emailed him about what someone appears to have done, copying his site, tweaking the external links, and

Message just came back bounced, I have to remove some of the information I provided as it appears to have triggered their spam filters...

Anywho, I'm trying to let him know about this as this type of spoofing can really louse up someone's reputation.

Really twisted, in a bad way, whoever did it, some of the redirected links go to other spoof sites, look just like the real site except the URL is a tad off.

Don't really know what else to say at this time.

Don't feel like an enthusiastic

Post this Puppy!

So I'll just post it.


Ya wanna bet my email address is what is triggering the spam filter? Its a *bleeped*-up world when an FCC issued Amateur Radio License Number is filtered as spam.

And why doesn't the spell checker recognize spam as a word?

*sigh* i really do need to look up it's/its so i use it properly...

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