Apple Pruning and wood accumulation

Given the proper species of Apple, seven years growth on an adult tree can generate very straight 12'+ lengths of wood, significant portions of which have respectable girth.

I do own a spokeshave, maybe I should turn out some quarterstaves...

Anyway, I'm looking at a lot of hardwood here, much of it straight enough and thick enough that while I don't see what I'd use it for, I'm disinclined to give it the heave-ho provided I get it processed for storage promptly. If nothing else I'll have tons of nice dowel stock.

I also own a 12" thickness planer, down the line after the wood has seasoned I could rig up a sled and plane them flat, then see about laminating or pinning them together... could create cutting boards if nothing else, or a table top, or something.

I think I have my work cut out for me this week... or that I'll spend the week cutting out work for me... didn't figure a way to phrase that for a true groaner, sorry!

In regard to the potential table/desk carcase, yep, it'd work, one problem. It weighs a ton, and moving it onto the porch or inside isn't something I can do on my own, so right now it looks like a table in the yard is in my future. I should really take a picture of everything right now and post, it is again a case of not recognizing the yard when compared to previous incarnations of yardness. When I finish pruning there will be no question about the existence of a house behind the Apple trees. There will also be no question about the existence of a Walnut tree which needs to be taken down, I don't like its position in relation to said house, it'll be somewhat tricky given the direction it leans, will require careful topping and delimbing prior to the main trunk. And then I'll have Walnut as well as Apple to work with.

Too bad the Filbert volunteers never seem to make it, they're the ones I try to save! But no, Oaks and Walnuts, and Maples, and Holly, and some others I've yet to identify, but the Filberts just seem too fragile. Pity.

Mind blanking out.

Post this Puppy!

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