Protection from Branch wielding Apple Trees...

Wielding branches, valiantly the Apple Trees fought, the pruner to dismay.

And dismay they did, on Saturday, when they did a good job of poking my right eye, as mentioned previously. What hasn't been mentioned are the steps taken to prevent this vile situation from recurring.

No, I didn't chop down the Apple Trees, must have me confused with that Washington Boy, George, think he needed the hard wood for some new dentures...

No, I drug out some shop safety equipment, gotten when I got tired of full face shields fogging up on me.
Funky Looking, eh? Purchased lo these many years agone, for the Princely Sum of $32.45, or at least that's their current price, I don't have the problem of my face protection fogging up on me, which is nice. Nice semi-rigid wire mesh, with a clear plastic insert for better vision, although they don't state what type of plastic. The plastic bends, so far it's sprung back. And it covers the endangered area better than safety glasses, which generally don't actually provide much in the way of side-entry protection, and sneaking a side shot in is how they tried to get me. Hurt pretty good, too, still have some irritation 3 days later, nothing like at first, let me assure you of that!

I just have the problem of thinking I look like an Idiot, which when I think about it, is better than loosing an eye... by being an idiot!

Like I said, didn't raze them to the ground in retaliation, although they have very few low branches now, and those aren't branches, they're Main Structural Supports, won't take out your eye, but do not raise your head rapidly from under them, did that the first day I started clearing stuff out. Which is why I now have a long, thin, scar in the top of my head. Anyone ever mention that I'm an accident looking for a place to happen? Come to think of it, my father mentioned that on occasion.

Anyway, that's three Apple Trees, planted around 30 years ago, sometime in the first few years after we moved here from Salem, back in '76, 1976, that is!

I did take some reparations. Observe the denuded branches, stripped of their leaves and limbs, lying stark and forlorn atop the ravaged twigs and leaves, mute testimony to the vengeance of 'Clear-Cut' Mead!

No tree dare stand afore me! No Vine, nor plant, dare rouse mine ire ere they feel my fel wrath, most strong in this mine own desmagnes, nay, no etranger am I, claimant am I, co-heir with my sister of this, our ancestral steading.

Um, erm, mayhap I've been reading too much High Fantasy these days, place we purchased when I was fifteen is hardly ancestral! But you get the idea, no mere plant is getting the better of me.

Looking at these photos, you'd never think I lived a mere 15-20 minutes from city center by bus. But I do, on a good day. On a bad day, I've walked from downtown, a 45-50 minute walk at a 4 mile/hour pace, and beaten the bus home! Truth, I have. And this, a city with seven+ bridges crossing the river in the downtown area alone! 'course, hasn't been a new bridge in 30+ years, and as I recollect it the adjacent bridge was undergoing repairs, it was a Friday afternoon rush hour thing, plus an accident closing several lanes of traffic on the bridge, but that wasn't the case the other couple of times. At least this bridge doesn't open up for ships to go through, like most of the rest of them do, so foot traffic got through OK.

Anyway, I'm going long, time to

Post this Puppy!

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