Sharp objects, gloves, pruning, and idiots like myself

Yep, saws are sharp, especially if new. Saws cut things. Saws aren't too picky about what they cut, especially if someone is using a pull saw to trim twigs off of downed branches and happens to be pulling towards themselves. And it's a really bad idea to use a saw with an improper TPI [teeth per inch], 'cause then you pull just that much harder, and they jump about and catch on things and are pretty much out of proper control.

Gloves are a form of protection, but have different types for different threats. Pigskin gloves are supple, form fitting, and provide OK protection from rose thorns, hence their use in rose gloves. They aren't so good at protecting from pull saws, although they do snag them a bit and slow them down, thus preventing the worst damage possible.

Some people, although doing well on intelligence tests, don't always demonstrate being from the deep end of the gene pool in the ways that really count. These people, while not fitting into the classic definition of being an idiot, are. Idiots, that is.

Guess who's an idiot? Hint: less than a mm deeper into my left forefinger and I'd have hit a gusher, instead I've got this pair of long, deep cuts with just a tad of blood trying to creep out from somewhere in the depths, the type of cut that is a real nuisance when it comes to healing. The type of cut which says, 'This guy's an idiot, a real idiot, but a lucky idiot to boot.'

I think, when I work on glove design, that I'm going to look into leather and Kevlar, with the leather going behind the Kevlar. Leather works well on punctures, Kevlar works well on slashes. I'm thinking I may be wrong on the Kevlar, it spreads impact, so not Kevlar, but those chainmail butcher glove thingies, they deal with sharp objects trying to cut stuff. Yeah, use them as over gloves, ya know, hand galoshes, yeah, that's the ticket!

Or maybe just a good left-handed fully articulated gauntlet. Out of high grade stainless; not sure if I'd go for the Camelot or Dr. Doom look.

Maybe some funky kind of slip-on bell guard, to deflect the saw...

I could also try not being an idiot, but that, I'm afraid, is what they refer to as a lost cause.

Better to plan on my being an idiot and being pleasantly surprised if I'm not, than otherwise.

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