Look! More pictures! Other stuff that grows in The Yard

As seen previously, there's this fern, well over 15 years old

Asparagus, I believe, going to seed; we haven't planted any since 2000 at the latest...

Mint. Almost as pervasive as Clematis, but nowhere as obnoxious; a good neighbor, plays well with others.

Mint in Bloom.

Wild Pea, attempts to be Clematis but doesn't quite make it; it is on the list...

I know, it's the 30th, the pictures are from the 24th, so sue me already.

OH, important stuff, tomorrow I get my eyes checked for the first time in like, say, five years? I suspect I'll shortly have new glasses, now to find a style that doesn't slip down my nose and out of proper position, and doesn't irritate the ears. *snort* Maybe I'll just get sports spectacles for everyday use...

Post dis Puppy!

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