Do nor ask for whom the Clematis grows...

...it grows for thee!

One of these days I'll write Fin to the Clematis, but not quite yet.

Its been good growing weather lately, everything that might grow this time of year is, so after working on dismembering Apple prunings for a while I decided it was time to do another walk about the yard to see if anything was growing as shouldn't, like Clematis.

It looked pretty good. Former strongholds and fastnesses showed no green, no growth, and thus seem safe. And still I looked, hither and yon, seeking that telltale distinctive shade of green, that shape of leaf, the jointed stem, anything which would say 'this way Clematis dwells, fear and tremble ye mighty,' and no sign did I see.

Yet still did I seek. And as is written, 'Seek and ye shall find,' I sought and I found. Seven did I find, some scarce showing above the surface, only the tinge of Evil making them perceptible, some more boldly did stand forth, growing anew in ancient fastnesses, sheltered amongst branches from Apple prunings seven years past, thinking them adequate to hold back my righteous wrath. Carefully did I clear the ground about them, to uncover any tendrils they might have sent forth to establish forward encampments, concealed colonies, covert concentrations of corruption to fester until they might burst and spew forth their strangler's stems and once again do battle for the very soul of the yard! But for naught did they plot in their leafy fortresses, for full deep did I thrust my Hori-Hori blade, wide about did I dig, and with strength combined with delicacy did I draw them out from their redoubts and boldly did I stride to the Yard Debris bin and cast them forth, out of the garden, that they might die in heat and darkness and never more disturb the tranquility of the yard.

And now, closer seems the day when I shall be able tell of The Last Dangerous Clematis, when I shall know that they be dealt their last blow, struck down and driven forth, never to darken the surface of the yard again.

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