Knee Pads, gardening, and me

Used my knee pads today, the ones I bought several years back so I'd not kill myself when scampering around on rafters between floors [sometime I'll describe our 'between floors', it'll make sense then...]

Worked well, didn't have anything gouging into my knees whilst tormenting Clematis and blackberries; yes, still with the blackberries and Clematis, the yard is maybe larger than the 4-plex its attached to, and say 80% of it had been covered by these pests.

The first pass through the yard is officially complete; I'll take pictures again soon so you can see the difference in the areas already displayed. Clean-up, or tidying, is ongoing. The second pass is in progress, and will continue to be in progress for who knows how long. Given that the second pass consists of wandering around, looking at the ground, and watching to see if Clematis or blackberries are trying to grow back, and if so, dig them out, the second pass is known as 'job security'.

Having been mostly successful with the yard, and given the approaching rainy season, the mind naturally turns to indoors exploits, and thus terrifying thoughts of The Shop, My Apartment, The Office, Mom's Tax Returns, etc., all come to mind. Oh, yeah, and the vacant apartment that we should finish renovating and think about renting out again.

But given the success of 'Operation Clear Cut', these interior operations don't terrify me as much as they used to. And I'd really like to have a place to work on things without using my couch as a workbench, and that means getting things in order. Again. And then keeping them that way. Hard to remember how back in Chicago my place was always tidy, or at most an hour would get it in tip-top shape for hosting a party, been ages since that was the case here. One early thing to do will be reworking the first book truck I made, it's way too big, can't move around very well, needs to be divided in half or some such. Book trucks, you know, what they use in libraries to sort and shelve books, I make them. They're handy to have around. If you don't super-size them.

Anyway, back to kneepads. Learned something, I did. Properly adjusting, important is, yes. Not properly adjusted, wrinkles in pants behind knees form, blisters form, blisters pop, pain comes. see last post in re idiots, and my being one.

Mind fuzzed, effect of 3+ hours working outside.

puppy posting shall occur!

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